It's a Small Town Affair

It started in 1996, when a group of friends, all from a small village in the province of Fujian on the southeast coast of China. Fujian borders Zhejiang to the north, Jiangxi to the west, and Guangdong to the south. Taiwan lies to the east, across the Taiwan Strait.

The four friends all dreamed of moving to the United States to pursue their dream. The American dream, where through hard work and perseverance they visulized the opportunity of owning their own business.

Saving enough money, and completing the required immigration paper work the group was able to migrate to San Francisco, a world away from their little village of Zhong Jia. Having experience in the restaurant business the group, migrated to the business they knew best, all working in different Chinese restaurants in the bay area.

Eventually moving to Northern Nevada they continued to save their money until they had the opportunity to acquire a store. That store was Ming's, an established and popular restaurant in Carson City.

Bob Liou had founded Ming’s at the corner of south Carson Street and Fairview avenue in 1996. Mr. Liou specialized in traditional chinese food. Rapidly becoming a favorite with the Carson City Locals, Ming’s business prospered. Unfortunately Bob did not own the property which housed his restaurant. The mid 90's renovation of the property did not include Ming's. Bob was forced to close this prime location.

Two years passed before Bob was able to re-establish in a new location. That location was the brand new strip mall in the Quail Ridge shopping center. In preparation for opening the new store, Bob consulted with his friends ( The four friends from Zhong Jia). two of the four had spent the previous 6 years learning the Sushi trade. Bob being an astute business man decided to add a Sushi Bar to the new Ming's location. Offering the concept of "All You Can Eat" Sushi, the restaurant once again became an immediate success.

In 2006 Bob and his wife decided it was time to retire and sell the business. Along came our four friends from Zhong Jia. Led by Huayou Chen, who by now had several years working in upscale restaurants in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Carson City, purchased the store from Bob and his wife.

Since the acquisition, Ming’s has become even more popular, being voted Carson’s best Sushi in 2008. Rated 5 Star Ming’s continues to offer outstanding quality, service and pricing.

When asked what he wants Ming’s to be known for Huayou Chen quickly responds with “ I want to provide great food at great prices and have a place where people come to "visit" as well as eat.”


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